Oranjeboot Arrangements

Oranjeboot offers you great fun and unique tours to the world famous landmarks that make up the Hague in a very special way for people of all ages. To get going we pre-fabricated these quick and easy arrangements to choose from! Start off easy with these arrangements by clicking on them to check them out.

All arrangements

Hotel Pick-up Service

What's better than stepping out of the hotel, into a boat, to relax while you're being taken to the best places in town? The Hague as so much to offer for tourists, expats and locals alike.


Hop-on, Hop-off

Oranjeboot can be used as a luxurious hop-on and hop-off boat around The Hague. Enjoy a relaxing sightseeing cruise and hop-off anywhere you can (safely) do so. You decide where you want to hop-off...



Oranjeboot knows how to bring you a unique beer-tasting experience on relaxing boat trip in many different flavours.



Exclusively for our wine-enthousiasts we offer a wine-tasting boat trip on the Oranjeboot. We can provide you with special local wines or even bring you to some of the best wineries in The Hague. O...



Oranjeboot will make a beachtrip a breeze: don't stay stuck in traffic, waiting for traffic lights. Jump in the boat and relax: be like water. Enjoy the beachtrip arrangement perfect for anyone loo...


Bike + Walk

Our Bike + Walk Arrangement is ideal for the adventurous type looking for a way to increase their range of capabilities. With Oranjeboot you will extend your reach and do, visit and enjoy more in a...


Museum Trip

The Museum Trip arrangement is an artistic tour of The Hague, a city so old it dates back to the 13th century - and has been the seat of government sinds 1588. Oranjeboot will take you to the museu...


Bites & Drinks

The Bites & Drinks arrangement is made for those who like to view the city and enjoy a tasteful dish of a variety of food and beverages. Oranjeboot will make your boat trip experience in The Ha...


Ship & Shop

Oranjeboot takes you on a shopping trip: Cruise to the best shops in town. This Arrangement is perfect for the adventurer who wants to see The Hague by land and sea, while enjoying the shops of the...


Custom Arrangement

Did you look, but not find an arrangement that suits your needs? Fear not: for we can combine these arrangements to your liking. We will be happy to take it up a notch, as long as you are happy and comfortable.

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